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Chief Doug reeder and assistants

Assistant Chief Ron Taylor, Chief Doug Reeder (Center), Assistant Chief Ted Elder

Chief Doug Reeder

It's my privilege to serve as Chief of the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department!

Speaking on behalf of myself as well as our Membership, we would like to thank our community for many years of support and sacrificial giving to the department. With your help, we continue to be one of the area's most efficient volunteer fire departments!

In particular, I want thank our membership for their countless hours of training, grueling service and nonstop dedication to a job that is often tiring and performed in rough, unforgiving environments. So many times they return from a call - and though having experienced a stressful and dangerous situation - are ready to quickly head back out to next emergency. That's a dedication and comradeship for which I am proud serve alongside!

As our department takes the next step in fulfilling our longstanding goal of serving and protecting our community, I ask that you consider your role in building a new fire station. After all, it's not just a project of the department; we view it as a community project!